Taking norethisterone for pcos

I have pcos I conceived my daughter naturally 5 years been trying for the last 3 years nothing! I'm meant to have a scan on 10thth after starting my period to see if I am ovulating. I had the same treatment as you a few years back. I can't remember the schedule accurately, but I am sure af came within a couple of days of finishing the norethisterone sp?

But if you have any doubts of what you should be doing, I would call the fertility clinic- the nurses I spoke to were always really helpful. Good luck x. Hi all. I was perscribed Norethisterone last month to bring on my period which I hadnt had for almost 6 months - since early April I have PCOS - diagnosed years ago.

I had miscarried at 5 weeks after taking 1 cycle of Clomid back in February after trying for 3 years. I had been waiting for another period to start taking Clomid again but nothing happened. I went to the Gynae and they gave me Norethisterone to take for 10 days and was told to expect a period days after taking the tabs and to start CLomid on CD2. I went to the doctor and they confirmed doubling HCG levels last week! Im still in shock.

They told me the Norethisterone wouldn't have done my pregnancy any harm and they think Im just over 6 weeks now. I have been on the process of Norethisterone and clomid to fall pregnant which we did for 12 months then fell in. Now my Gyno has started me on metformin and then on to Norethisterone and clomid, as this may help to stop miscarriage the next time. I'm hoping this works. To answer your question though, Norethisterone and clomid process does work. It will depend on the clomid if you ovulate.

This post you have done it quite old, I'm wonderign if you had any success? Toggle navigation. Categories Latest Sign in.We are lucky, in a sense, that something exists which can delay menstruation, and it is available on prescription should we wish. Norethisterone is a progestin, a type of synthetic progestogen, which has similar effects to the hormone progesterone.

It is used as a hormonal contraceptive in some combined and mini oral contraceptive pills, as well as being used alone to delay periods. When used for the latter purpose, it works by artificially maintaining your levels of progesterone, thus stopping your womb lining from shedding, which only occurs when progesterone levels drop. Many women use it for this purpose without issue, although side effects can occur.

Norethisterone is also used in some women to treat certain conditions, including endometriosis and menorrhagia. With endometriosis, norethisterone, taken three out of every four weeks, works by stopping the lining of the womb from growing, thus eliminating periods elevated levels of progesterone are present in pregnancy, so in effect taking it constantly mimics the effect of pregnancy on the womb lining.

Gail Rogan, 44, first went to see her GP about heavy periods in February Her periods were getting progressively longer and heavier, and she decided enough was enough. Originally her GP prescribed her mefenamic acid, an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain, and blood tests found she was low in iron. Things continued and each month her period got longer. Her GP changed her prescription to a mini-pill, but this had little effect, and eventually she was put on the waiting list to see a gynaecologist.

She saw a gynaecologist who recommended she take norethisterone for three weeks each month with one week off, taking tranexamic acid on the week off. But by lunchtime that day it had stopped and I was hopeful it was working.

She actually threw up a couple of times, which was not normal for her, and she started bleeding again around 10 days after she started taking norethisterone, and was still bleeding over two weeks later. Nonetheless, she notices she now has less blood loss. The reduced, albeit still constant, blood loss is an improvement.

Mollie Davies21, was prescribed norethisterone for menorrhagia when she was about When she was 17 she took it over several days for a holiday. I was screaming, on all fours. I panicked and thought something was seriously wrong.

It pretty much ruined my holiday. When she showed her doctor pictures, no one knew what had happened. Mollie thought she may have had a miscarriage but there was no way she could have been pregnant, and doctors said her pains were contractions and her body had been trying to release what had built up in her uterus, which basically sent her into a sort of labour.

She used norethisterone once since, and the same thing happened again, only less extreme.

taking norethisterone for pcos

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While less side effects than Tri estarylla, it was not effective for my condition. I first had a break through bleeding for 2. It was awful! Then after the breakthrough bleeding I actually went from getting irregular periods to none at all. I made the switch however because my moods were out of control, especially anger. I did not experience weight gain or acne on this pill. I had been dizzy for a month, very tired, worse cramps ever, night sweats and hot flashes, my anxiety and depression is way worse.

I literally have no energy and I eat constantly. I would never recommend this birth control to as anyone.

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If you have PCOS. I'm getting mine changed this week. I have periods but they are light and last days. I was already overweight to begin with so this experience was very awful, to put it mildly. I stopped taking it and my period came back. I had used different birth control pills in the past and had issues with mood swings, depression, and little to no sex drive so I was hesitant to get back on one. I have been on LLF now for about 3 years.

taking norethisterone for pcos

It has helped drastically lower the number of cysts I get each year, although I do still get them occasionally. I had very irregular cycles before starting LLF that were light but painful and sometimes came with fevers, vomiting, and severe cramps. Since being on LLF I have had no full periods and only spotted a few times.

I have seen no emotional change or acne change since starting this pill, but it may be causing a slight issue with losing weight. I was 14 years old and had no idea what to expect.By proceeding, I accept the Terms and Conditions. Norethisterone pcos and pregnancy.

Hi, I've been taking norethisterone tablets 5mg for a week now to prevent my period whilst on holiday. This will only be a one off and will come off the tablets permanently when I am back.

What I View answer. I was taking norethisterone to skip a period.

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My period would have been due on the 5th of December I had this the week I Hi Dr, my last period was on 29 Mayuntil now I did not get my period. I did the pregnancy Today afternoon I did pregnancy test and result Hi, as i am having irregular menstrual cycle history, I took Sysron-N norethisterone 5 mg with doctors suggestion and after pregnancy test.

After about 20 days there was no sign of period, so again I Hi I having pcos problem. My period is last July 1st after that I didn t get my period. Then doctor prescribed me northeristrone. Its possible to get pregnant?

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Pregnancy test is negative on several occassions. How should i take norethesterone to induce my period? I have a long standing PCOS Is there any serious effect on my baby? Am very upset.

taking norethisterone for pcos

Please help me. I started taking tablet only after a negative home pregnancy test on 6th I have irregular periods so not started now for 3 months!Norethisterone is primarily prescribed to control excessive vaginal bleeding during menstruation. It is a synthetic form of progestin, is effective in treating abnormal vaginal bleeding and other menstrual disorders in women which are triggered due to an imbalance of hormones.

It is also used in preventing unwanted pregnancies. It is helpful in providing contraception for about eight weeks. It mainly works by stopping the process of ovulation. It also brings changes to the lining of the uterus to make it less probable for a fertilized egg to attach to it.


It comes in the form of an injection and is a convenient form of short-term contraception. Norethisterone can produce some side effects such as acne, irregular menstrual bleeding, hirsutism, increased weight, skin reactions, feeling dizzy, nausea and voice changes. If you experience any other symptoms which you think may be due to taking this medicine, speak to your doctor for advice.

You will be given the injection by a healthcare professional. It is generally given during the first days of your menstrual period. The Norethisterone is injected slowly into a muscle in your buttock. It then gradually releases into your bloodstream.

The duration for this medicine to show it's effect varies from one person to another. It also depends on the intended use and levels of sex hormones in the body. Premenstrual Syndrome. Endometrial Cancer. Furthermore, the dosage administered also plays a vital role in determining the effect duration. The level of sex hormones in the body determines the time it takes for the medicine to show its intended effect.

Additionally, your dosage is also an important factor for determining the onset of action. The medicine should not be used if you are pregnant or are planning to conceive soon.

Consult your physician if you think you might be pregnant while using the medicine. The medicine does not have any habit forming tendencies. However, you should stick to the dosage recommendation from your doctor to prevent any unforeseen complications of the medicine.

The medicine is not recommended to breastfeeding women, as it can harm your child. Before starting the course of the drug, you should stop breastfeeding to protect your baby from unforeseen threats from the medicine. The exact interaction of norethisterone with alcohol remains unclear. Therefore, consult your doctor to understand whether it is safe to consume alcohol along with the medication.

pcos / metformin / norethisterone & clomid

If you experience side effects such as, drowsiness or intense headaches from the medication, you should avoid driving. However, if there are no side effects, you can safely operate heavy machinery and drive after the medicine is administered. If you suffer from kidney disorders, let the doctor know. While the medicine does not affect liver functionality, you should report to the doctor of pre-existing liver ailments.

In case of a missed dose, take the dose as soon as you remember. However, if it is already time for your next dose, you can skip the missed dose.

The Birth Control Pill for PCOS - First Month Side Effects/My Experience (acne, bleeding, mood)

Use additional forms of contraceptive to avoid accidental pregnancies from missed doses of the drug.I have tried to conceive for many years and never been lucky.

I am over weight which seems to be playing a big part. I have been diagnosed with pcos symptoms but don't actually have pcos complicated I know. I have had cysts removed from my right ovary many years ago I am now For many years now, to control very heavy bleeding, I have to take Norethisterone medication.

This is to stop any period or bleeding in between. Thankfully this medication stops all the bleeding and controls it.

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But as I am sure you are aware taking Norethisterone on a long term basis will never help me to become pregnant. Reading on your site I am seeing that I have probably a very low progesterone level. I have had so many tests over the years with hospital appointments I am not sure if I was ever tested for this or not. As I am now 36 I feel my time in trying to conceive is getting shorter. Is there any advice you can give me as to what and if anything I could take so I do not need to take this Norethisterone any more?

It has to be something that will not make me bleed totally out of control. Many thanks. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to Hormone balance. See what's being discussed, ask for help, give your thoughts or experiences, or just browse See the FAQ pages. Visit the forums.Netmums Forum:. Becoming a mum: TTC. Been taking norethisterone, got period but not sure what to do now If you're trying to conceive TTC and dealing with any kind of fertility issue, from endometriosis to PCOS, post here to get support from others struggling to get pregnant.

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User Reviews for Ethinyl estradiol/norethindrone to treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Subject line: Been taking norethisterone, got period but not sure what to do now Nicola B The doc gave me norethisterone and 3 days after I had finished taking it I had my period. This is a false period, right? The doc I saw said take these and then maybe after a couple of months my periods will regulate, I doubt this very much! I have brought clearblue ovulation tests to do after day 6 to see if I ovulate as I have no idea. The sonographer said I will have to be refered to gynocologist.

Do I go back to doc and say yes it worked and had a period and want to be referred or leave it couple months. Also wondering if I should take angus castus? Thanks for your help and sorry its a bit of a blur! Hi Nicola, I've got PCOS too and didn't have a period for 9 months so took norethistorone in October to force a period so they could test my hormone levels. The idea is that it kick starts your ovaries into a regular cycle so hopefully you'll ovulate after this bleed - I would suggest lots of regular sex regardless what the ovulation sticks say as PCOS can give cause wonky results.

If you don't have another period within about weeks and assuming you're not pregnant I would suggest going back to doc and asking for clomid as that makes you ovulate. I'm on it now, although out for this month, so keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!

Thanks for much for your reply, I was giving up hope that no one would reply. Ok that is what I will do then, wait another few weeks and if no period will go back.

I wasnt sure if she could give me clomid or I would have t be referred to a gynie. We are getting married in sept and wanted to wait but now im thinking I dont really mind if im pregnant for the wedding. I was worried I would wait for months and then after sept start the process but it will take months which is why I wanted to get it sorted now.

Thanks again Thanks for much for your reply, I was giving up hope that no one would reply.

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